Plot Plan

Plot Plan Definition

A plot plan is a drawing or diagram that illustrates and conveys the layout, dimensions, location, position of structures, landscaping and other features of a specific piece of land.


A plot plan is a visual comprehensive representation of the situs information, physical characteristics, and layout of a specific piece of land.

The plot plan provides visual documentation of existing conditions, as well as proposed future conditions.

These plans can be used as visual review tools for zoning compliance. It identifies key details such as property boundaries, setback lines, and the locations of buildings on the site.

This detailed diagram illustrates, in a scaled visual representation, the critical information about the placement and dimensions of structures, driveways, landscaping elements, and utility lines on the property.

You will often see them prepared by architects, surveyors, or civil engineers as they are an essential tool and requirement in the planning, design and development process.
Plot plans allow for the visual review of construction projects. They offer a bird’s eye view which helps design and engineering teams, as well as developers, make informed decisions about the layout of the site in order to maximize functionality while adhering to zoning requirements.

A well laid out plot plan is a fundamental document that not only illustrates the physical boundaries and features of a property, but also guides the physical realization of a property’s design and purpose.


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