T-Intersection Lot

T-Intersection Lot Definition

A T-intersection lot is a land parcel that is adjacent to the intersection of two roads that form a “T” shape.


A T-intersection lot is a piece of property that is located at the junction of two roads, where one road perpendicularly intersects another road, creating a “T” shape.

The T-Intersection lot would be located at the “top” of the T shape. Imagine you were driving down the road (bottom leg of a “T” shape), and that road came to intersect another road (top of the “T” shape) the T-Intersection lot would be directly across the intersection.

These lots can have increased visibility, as they are seen from 2 streets, and with good planning, access from both streets could be achievable.

This increase in access and visibility can make these lots more desirable for various commercial and residential purposes.

These lots can have their drawbacks, potential issues with ease of access and traffic studies should be carefully considered, especially when zoned for residential use.


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