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Real Estate Marketing Definition

Real estate marketing is a complex of measures taken to find buyers or tenants for real property. It’s conducted through sales, rental, or leasing agents who represent the property owner to inform prospective buyers or tenants of the benefits of buying, renting, or leasing the advertised property. The intended result is to generate an inquiry that satisfies the property owner and convert it into a sale.


Real estate marketing comes in many forms. Great real estate agents and brokers will form a unique sales angle that will make their campaigns efficient in their local market. They will have a marketing strategy combining many different types of online and offline marketing channels. These include:

Online marketing channels:

  • Online advertising on MLS and property listing websites
  • Social media marketing
  • Targeted traffic driven to the agency website from the organic online search
  • Paid online advertising

Offline marketing channels:

  • Print advertising
  • Advertising on the television and radio
  • Cold calling
  • Holding open houses
  • Conducting individual showings
  • Networking with buyers’ agents


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