Advertising Definition

Advertising is the process by which an entity responsible for marketing of real estate or related services draws attention to the product or service being marketed by creating and distributing what is commonly known as an advert.


Adverts come in many forms, which include written content, spoken content, static or moving imagery, either online or offline. These forms are often blended to communicate a product or service.

Some the forms of online (also called digital) advertising include:

  • Social media advertising
  • Search advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Email advertising
  • Podcast advertising
  • Advertising on Spotify and similar audio streaming platforms
  • Meme advertising

Some of the forms of offline advertising include:

  • Printed media advertising
  • TV commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Road signage
  • Yard signage
  • Direct mail

Although the fundamentals of advertising remain the same, new forms for advertising are being constantly created.

Real estate marketing professionals will use a combination of the above methods of displaying their adverts to gain more awareness of their products and services in the world of property to acquire the maximum number of leads that will likely convert to sales.


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