Lot Line

Lot Line Definition

A lot line is a boundary that separates and defines one land parcel from another, establishing the limits of the ownership and influencing property rights and land use.


A lot line is a critical delineation that marks the physical boundaries of a parcel of land, and defines the extent of an individual property.

Typically established through surveys and legal descriptions, lot lines are the crux of establishing a legal lot as they determine property boundaries and ownership.

Zoning regulations, building codes, and property setbacks are often dynamic to the location of lot lines.

The accuracy of surveys and legal descriptions is important, as disputes of lot line locations are common.

Encroachments (where structures or features cross over the lot lines) can lead to legal conflicts, and impact a property’s value.

A clear understanding of what lot lines are, how to identify them, and how to navigate the legalities they impose in land use, is crucial for property owners, developers and real estate professionals.


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