Home Inspection

Home Inspection Definition

Home inspection is a careful examination or scrutiny of a property’s setting, contents and the mechanical-structural conditions that exist at the time of service (ATOI: “at the time of inspection”).


The real estate inspection service provided to a client should include any aspects of:

  • the roof
  • chimney
  • the fireplace
  • attic
  • ventilation systems
  • insulation
  • ceilings
  • siding
  • exterior
  • all trims-soffits and fascia/gutter systems
  • doors
  • windows
  • deck or porch areas
  • crawl space or basement conditions
  • cooling and heating systems
  • electrical systems
  • plumbing systems
  • kitchen appliances
  • interior/exterior walls
  • floors
  • garage condition
  • the driveway

and more when selling.

To have all these areas reported will give one who is in a real estate transaction the ability to make informed decisions for a market presentation and a broker to make a more accurate BPO (Brokers Price Opinion).

When buying, informed decisions are necessary for potential future cost updates, as well as a buyer’s broker’s ability to specifically negotiate any or all reported issues for the client.

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