Elevation Sheet

Elevation Sheet Definition

An elevation sheet is typically the collection of multiple orthogonal elevation views or drawings of the side of a building facing the cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West.

For example, the “West Elevation” is a perpendicular view of the building facade facing west or the east elevation of a particular interior room in a building. Elevation sheets are exterior or interior views.


Elevation drawings are important, more abstract views of both the exterior and interior of a building, articulating the “architecture” and geometry of a space. Elevation drawings, used by architects and interior designers in the environmental design professions, typically are two dimensional, illustrate vertical relationships and dimensions, and identify important elements in a space and their relationship to one another.

For example, the relationship of the floor to the ceiling and the dimension between them, or the distance from the countertop in a kitchen to the floor. The elevations also illustrate important characteristics and design features of a space. For example, a ceramic tile pattern on a wall or a mural, or the simple placement of a door or window in a wall.


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