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Custom Builder Definition

A custom builder is a construction contractor who builds residential or commercial properties according to the client’s requirements and specifications.


Unlike traditional builders that build standard properties to the masses and sell it later, custom builders build properties mostly after receiving a custom order from their client. Custom builders handle both the design and construction. They use architectural plans designed specifically for their clients unlike “cookie cutter” builders that use the same plan for a whole building tract.

However, custom property construction companies can also offer customizable, pre-designed plans that they will adjust according to the client’s needs, which normally costs less than a fully custom service. They can also accept clients’ requests to make changes during the construction, which normally results in a higher project cost.

Because of a higher cost to design and build each custom property than multiple identical homes, the services of custom building companies are more expensive compared to traditional builders. Custom-built homes are considered to be on the higher end of the market.

Since custom builders build on the client’s land, it’s normally the client’s responsibility to do research on the building codes, zoning laws, and to organize the improvement of their land before the custom home is built on it.


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