Cost Per Front Foot

Cost Per Front Foot Definition

Cost per front foot, or more commonly known as price per front foot is the cost or price of a property based on the length of frontage along a beach, body of water, golf course or even just street frontage.


Cost, or price, per front foot is important when the amount of frontage affects the overall value of a property. The most common is beach or water (ocean/lake/river) frontage.

It can also apply as just the width of the lot (street frontage) which can affect both the size of the home able to be built, the orientation of a home due to the width, or things like a circular drive or other features able to be included in the construction.

For appraisers, analysis of this can be used to determine a market adjustment in an appraisal.

This is one of the more complex adjustments to determine in an appraisal.


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