Eddie Martini

Eddie Martini

  • Title: Asset Management Specialist
  • License: #01324382, CA
  • Company: Martini Legacy
  • Website: martinilegacy.com

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About Eddie

Eddie Martini is a legacy planner and wealth protection and growth specialist with expertise in asset protection, and real estate investing and managing. Eddie’s more than 20 years in real estate finance has allowed him to touch every aspect of real estate from all parts of lending, to traditional real estate buying and selling, to land development and building of rental portfolios. In 2000, Eddie started his career in the residential lending industry.

He was able to fund hundreds of millions of dollars of home loans during his first decade. In 2007, he established extensive knowledge in residential real estate and development, as well as commercial property experience. He was also involved in mortgage banking and cash flow banking. Eddie is well versed in all aspects of income generation and shares strategies on life concepts with his clients, helping them develop habits that produce income as well as quality family and community relationships.

Eddie’s Specialties

  • Legacy planning
  • Wealth protection
  • Wealth growth
  • Real estate investing
  • Real estate lending


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